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Sure. Friends.

“Listen Natalia,” I was surprised Samson hadn’t called me ‘doll’, but I had to admit, I kind of liked the way my real name rolled off his tongue. “We obviously got off on the wrong foot. I didn’t mean to offend you or whatever I did to you, but if you’re going to call me names and expect me to sit here and take it, you thought wrong. I’m very different than what you perceive me to be.”
“I don’t recall inviting you to sit down with me, so if you feel like I’m being too harsh on your character, you can get up and find your own table,” I looked around the busy cafe, seeing their wasn’t any open tables available, “looks like everything is filled up though, so you’ll have to get your order to go.” It pissed me off that Samson was bringing out my ugly side. I wasn’t the type to speak down to anyone, but he was like a tick that was impossible to remove from the surface. I wonder If bug spray would help in this situation?
“Geez, Natalia!” Samson raised his voice and I could tell he was getting angry with the tension…so was I, “You act like I ran over your dog! Your reason for not liking me is because you think I’m a brat? You don’t know anything about me and it doesn’t seem as if you care to learn.” Samson stood up, reaching for his wallet. When I saw him digging through his cash to lay money on the table, I knew I had to speak up or the tensity between us would always remain.
“Samson, wait,” I exhaled, regaining my composure, “I don’t know you that well and making assumptions about you is wrong. It’s happened to me my whole life and it’s awful that I’m being a hypocrite.” I had raised the white flag and hoped Samson would accede.
“It is awful, isn’t it? You should really stop doing that, doll.” Samson was still standing from his chair, but placed his wallet back into his back pocket. His all too common smirk was present.
“What did I say about calling me ‘doll’? Now, sit down so we can learn more about each other. Then, once we know everything, we can have a reason to hate each other.” I smiled up at him and instantly relaxed. I didn’t realize I had my entire body tensed up throughout that whole debacle. Samson sat back in his seat right as Max returned with more coffee, and Samson’s blueberry scone.
“More coffee?” Samson grabbed the carafe and poured the heavenly liquid into my empty mug. “Sugar?” His blue eyes looked into mine and caused my smile to appear.
“Yes, dear?” I started laughing, Samson joining in. We continued laughing for a good two minutes and I began to notice the other customers around us  becoming annoyed by the commotion.
“Friends, Natalia?” He held his hand out to me, waiting for me to shake it.
“Sure. Friends.” I took Samson’s hand and made it official.



“He caught the tear that was rolling down my cheek before it hit the floor. I resented him so much in that moment, standing there before me, seeing me so broken. When he reached out to cradle my face with his hand, all I could do was turn my face and cry even more.”

Now and Forever

Pointe Shoes

The Kiss


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